My Ugly Garden

My Ugly Garden

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I must have a bit of gardening entwined in my DNA, that is the only explanation I have of this obsession to grow my own food, despite years of failed attempts. In fact, both sets of my grandparents had flourishing vegetable gardens. Just two generations ago family vegetable gardens and chicken coops were the rule, not the exception. Now the fashionable term is "urban homesteading." This reintroduction of self sufficiency is great, and I want a part of it. I am hoping to have our little piece of property work with me for a change. This space should not only provide nourishment for our family, but also an educational experience for my children. I'm convinced we don't know what fruit and vegetables really taste like. How could we? A lot of it travels thousands of miles and sits in storage for who knows how long before it appears in the grocery store.

So, phase one is to clear the rose bushes from the south facing portion of our yard. Here is the catch: I only have about one hour a day during the week to tackle these projects. Baby steps, but that is ok, a little at a time is better than nothing at all.

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