My Ugly Garden

My Ugly Garden

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Week Behind

I am a week behind posting pictures of all the work that was done last weekend.  Last Saturday I finally got some tomatoes in the ground.  I'm trying an semi-scientific experiment here.  I'm struggling to find a suitable space in The Ugly for my veggies. So, I planted three tomatoes along the fence line, this is where I have fabulous luck growing fairy sized vegetables (see previous post).  However, there is a lot more compost this year and a deeper depth dug, so we shall see.

The second planting group is further south in the yard and has a bit more sun exposure.   
Here is my little one helping out..

It is kind of hard to see, but there are two tomato plants here and a few strawberries. There are also some cabbages to the far left,

The other big news in The Ugly, is the addition of a slide to the play structure.  This structure has been two years in the making.  My husband and his dad have done a great job building it.  But with the slide put on, it is nearly complete and I couldn't be more excited.  The kids love it, too.

We did some things in The Ugly today, but I will save that for the next post.  I have to rush out to help another couple get married so, for now, happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Veggie patch and random pictures

The weather has been so strange around here the last couple of months that I haven't had a chance to put my tomatoes in.  Just when I would hit the weekend, it would rain or get cold.  So, finally, yesterday I spent all morning prepping a small bed.  I hope it isn't too late to plant.  I'm going to head down to the garden center later and try to find some tomatoes with shorter growth times.  In the past my veggie gardens have been less than stellar despite my composting efforts. Here is a photo of last years' corn crop....

So this year I dug twice as deep and put in twice as much compost.  I think what is happening is that the root systems would do fine in the shallow compost layer, then hit the hard clay underneath, stunting the growth of the plant. We shall see how the plants do this year with more room to spread their little roots.  Wish me luck..

My daughter took some more pictures of The Ugly.  They turned out nicely, I think.

This is lantana growing in the butterfly garden

A daisy, also in the butterfly garden.

And, of course, Miss Daisy

I also did some work in the rock garden yesterday.  In keeping with my low cost philosophy,  I transplanted some plants from another part of the yard.. I think they are called "gold coins", but I'm not sure.  My Mother-in-law had them growing in her yard and she was kind enough to share some with me.  I took the picture right away, just in case they don't survive the move.

A little over exposed, but I think you get the idea.  It should look nice when it fills in.  Hopefully there is enough sun for it.

Again, a bit over exposed.  This is the other side of the rock stream.  I had planted some lamb's ears there, but the kids were trampling them.  There is a lot of broken up concrete around the yard.  Honestly, I'm not sure where it is coming from.  Just when I think I have picked up all the pieces, I find more.  Which is ok, because I built this little border to remind little feet that there are plants growing here. 

Well, it's off to the garden center.  The little ones and I are all in need of an outing.  Everyone is a little stir crazy.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Last Saturday was work day, lest the city garden police exact a fine upon my head for, I believe it was called, "rampant vegetation growth conducive to a fire hazard" or something like that.  Basically a formal way of saying cut the weeds or else.  So I headed out and started pulling, it really only took about 45 minutes, but I did run out of room in the yard waste container and had to make several piles to be dealt with this weekend.  My oldest daughter, came out and kept me company while I labored away.  She pulled a few weeds herself and took some nice pictures.  

Behold the mess!  And yes, I probably would have called the weed police on me, too.

Sophia took this lovely photo.  Believe it or not these pretty roses were revealed as I pulled the weeds out.

Sophia took this picture also.  It's a close up of the wild oats growing in the rose garden.  They don't look so bad close up.

It wasn't all work and no play though. The kids headed out back with the dog and thick slices of watermelon to enjoy the lovely spring weather.

This weekend the back grass need whacking.  Especially since company is coming for Mother's Day.  Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.