My Ugly Garden

My Ugly Garden

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Week Behind

I am a week behind posting pictures of all the work that was done last weekend.  Last Saturday I finally got some tomatoes in the ground.  I'm trying an semi-scientific experiment here.  I'm struggling to find a suitable space in The Ugly for my veggies. So, I planted three tomatoes along the fence line, this is where I have fabulous luck growing fairy sized vegetables (see previous post).  However, there is a lot more compost this year and a deeper depth dug, so we shall see.

The second planting group is further south in the yard and has a bit more sun exposure.   
Here is my little one helping out..

It is kind of hard to see, but there are two tomato plants here and a few strawberries. There are also some cabbages to the far left,

The other big news in The Ugly, is the addition of a slide to the play structure.  This structure has been two years in the making.  My husband and his dad have done a great job building it.  But with the slide put on, it is nearly complete and I couldn't be more excited.  The kids love it, too.

We did some things in The Ugly today, but I will save that for the next post.  I have to rush out to help another couple get married so, for now, happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone.

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  1. Keep working and the ugly will become the beautiful!