My Ugly Garden

My Ugly Garden

Friday, May 7, 2010


Last Saturday was work day, lest the city garden police exact a fine upon my head for, I believe it was called, "rampant vegetation growth conducive to a fire hazard" or something like that.  Basically a formal way of saying cut the weeds or else.  So I headed out and started pulling, it really only took about 45 minutes, but I did run out of room in the yard waste container and had to make several piles to be dealt with this weekend.  My oldest daughter, came out and kept me company while I labored away.  She pulled a few weeds herself and took some nice pictures.  

Behold the mess!  And yes, I probably would have called the weed police on me, too.

Sophia took this lovely photo.  Believe it or not these pretty roses were revealed as I pulled the weeds out.

Sophia took this picture also.  It's a close up of the wild oats growing in the rose garden.  They don't look so bad close up.

It wasn't all work and no play though. The kids headed out back with the dog and thick slices of watermelon to enjoy the lovely spring weather.

This weekend the back grass need whacking.  Especially since company is coming for Mother's Day.  Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Enjoyed all the pictures of the grandchildren. By the way, how's the teepee coming? Mom