My Ugly Garden

My Ugly Garden

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I love Freecycle!  After taking a drive to the local garden center in search of a particular plant, Jupiter's Beard, to be exact, and finding that they had none, I decided to post a request for the plant on my local Freecycle page.  A very nice woman responded that she had some in her yard that I was welcome to and we made arrangements to meet.  Upon my arrival she took me on a tour of her very nice garden and invited me to take bits of all kinds of different plants. I came home with a bucket full of Jupiter's Beard, Lamb's ears, marigolds, daisies, iris and salvia. I will post a picture of my new treasures soon, right now they are recovering from the shock of being transplanted and look a bit bedraggled.

Ratz-putin update:  Well, it turns out Ratz-putin is a mama.  Yesterday, I looked out my kitchen window to see her and 3 babies scurrying around in the herb garden. I'm pretty sure the scratching in the wall is now a nest.  Without going into too much detail, we created a circumstance that I'm hoping scared the family away.  I didn't hear anything last night and haven't seen them at all today.  A trip to the animal shelter is getting higher on my list,  especially if our dog sitting gig doesn't work out.  I am totally bummed by this rat situation. One of the "big plans" for the Ugly is to put in a chicken coop.  I am seriously reconsidering this idea now.  If a handful of bird seed has attracted and produced a rodent family what will a coop bring?  If you have a coop, I would love to hear how you handle rodent issues.

In the mean time, I am super excited about the new plant additions to the garden.    Next week, I have some serious weeds to tackle.  I mean like 2 foot tall weeds, so embarrassing......

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  1. Good question on the rats with chickens??? We had chickens as a kid, and I never remember any troubles. That would be cool if you get them, does PH allow them in yards? I'll buy some eggs from you if you get them :)

    Darn rats!! The gold cat has been a permanent fixture in our back yard since it caught that mole. I love him!!