My Ugly Garden

My Ugly Garden

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Lone Blade

Ok, it's official: I have a black thumb.   I'm not sure when this happened.  When I was a kid I was able to grow things, but the above picture is the ultimate insult.  About a couple of weeks ago I thought it would be a nice project for the kids if we grew some grass for our Spring nature table.  No brainer, right?  A tray, some potting soil and grass seed.  Well, as you can see I have exactly 1 blade of grass out of the handfuls the kids dumped in. It would have been easier if no grass came up.  In all actuality, though, I find this very funny, a whole commentary on my gardening skills embodied in the lone blade.

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  1. Was it wheat grass? Wheat grass is super simple, and I who has the blackest of thumbs, have cultivated several trays. You don't put them all the way in the dirt, and you cover them with plastic until they germinate. Then it is a matter of keeping the soil moist. Wheat grass grows pretty quickly, so you could give it another shot.