My Ugly Garden

My Ugly Garden

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This is our little friend, Mrs. Magorium. She and Mr. Magorium frequent the feeders in yard. Daniel spilled some seed as we filled the feeders the other day and the Mrs. wandered up onto the porch for a snack. I was able to snap a couple of pictures through the french door without scaring her away. We have had quite a few birds visit us this winter, which has been very exciting. It has been fun trying to identify the different species, and the interesting thing is to watch the differing mannerisms. The confident bully, Mr. Scrub Jay; the nervous white crowned sparrow flock and our easy going Mr. & Mrs. Magorium (mourning doves). There is even a black eyed Junco, which I call Mr. Junco. Ok, so you now know I am horrible at naming things. Just ask my kids, who's stuffed animals have names like Lamby, Puppy and Turtle. My one year old is even better at coming up with names than I am. She renamed Bunny to Hop. I like hers better.

I attribute our larger bird population to the unfortunate demise of our two cats late last year. It was very sad to lose our two little feline pals, but it has been fun to see all the different birds this year. Daniel has been learning to identify a few too, which is very exciting. He recognizes the doves' call and the hummingbird chirps. Education provided by nature- priceless.

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  1. hi mom!
    The picture of the dove is so cool and I think it's awesome that Daniel recognizes bird calls! I don't recognize bird calls! You should teach me!