My Ugly Garden

My Ugly Garden

Friday, July 30, 2010

Life in "The Ugly"

I looked out our bedroom window a few days ago to see that our resident Mourning Dove pair, whom we have dubbed Mr. and Mrs. Magorium, had built a nest on the back gate.  It was so thrilling to see mama bird sitting in her little nest while papa would bring twigs to weave into their new home.  They picked a pretty swell spot.  Hidden by the overgrown oleander bushes, near the birdbath and feeder.  Well, they stayed only a few days and then abandoned the nest.  I was so sad, I really enjoyed looking out the window first thing and seeing the Mrs. on her nest.  A closer inspection of the nest showed impressive nest building technique.  Morning Doves are notoriously bad nest builders, from what I understand.  

The pair is still close by.  I heard them cooing yesterday, so I hope they found a new nest site. 


I thought I would include a random photo of my colleagues and I performing last weekend.  I really wish I had a picture of the garden where we were playing.  The owners had a beautiful, huge vegetable garden.  Everything was growing like gangbusters.  Sigh...

That's me on the right.  I'm either way into the music, or I have a bug in my eye.  The trellis behind us had yummy looking blackberries growing on it.  There was also an apple tree and fig tree.  A lovely, shady spot to perform.  

Another working weekend for me.  Which is great, I love weddings.  Happy weekend everyone.


  1. I enjoyed your blog today and the accompanying pictures. Mom

  2. I love reading your updates Christine. You are so good at writing!

  3. Its cute to see you should post more pictures of you playing!