My Ugly Garden

My Ugly Garden

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Behold! The Bounty!

I am officially depressed.  Ok, not really, but pretty bummed out.  After diligently planting veggies last fall this is what I harvested.  

Clearly, I need to be an lilliputian farmer, because I can't seem to grow anything larger than a tennis ball. Sorry about my "man hand" photo, but I was trying to capture the tiny-ness of this produce.  Miniature cabbage, onions, broccoli, and peaches.  I'm not kidding, all my peaches (all 7 of them) are this size and the one I tasted was awful.  The onions, out of the 60 we planted, we got about 20.  The onions aren't so bad, I might be able to pass them off as "spring onions."  Don't get me started on this pathetic little broccoli.  The cabbage is another matter.  I still have one in the ground that may produce a head about the size of a whiffle ball.  Maybe I can make tiny cabbage soup with tiny onions.  Ugh, frustration! 
       I'm off now to wallow in gardening self pity for a few moments before I water my tomatoes and beans.  My neighbor dropped by the other day with some heirloom tomato seedlings.  I'm excited about these little plants, they have very exotic sounding names like:Black Plum and Cherokee Purple.  So, with great joy I will yank out my under performing broccoli and cabbage and try again with something new.   



  1. Perhaps Miracle grow?? I'm the wrong person to ask though.

  2. And I thought that I was the only one around with a brown thumb!! LOL
    I tried to grow tomatoes once and all I cultivated was big, ugly tomato worms... ICK I settle for the Farmer's Market nowadays, or count on the generosity of green thumbed friends who take pity! :-) Sue